Thursday, October 29, 2009

If Jesus Can Change Me...

At Clearwater Baptist Church we are about to be in the second weekend of our Lucifer's Lies drama which is a drama about spiritual warfare and how Satan lies to us. So far there have been 5 performances and this weekend there will be 6 will and one that is youth only followed by a youth rally. We have seen 17 people saved and numerous rededications so far. Its so incredible to see these lives changed each night by Jesus.

The very first performance I had the privilege to counsel a 16 year old who had been saved. This teenager was shaking from the experience he had just encountered. I wish everyone could have heard this guy talk. He had been involved in satanic worship. He told me that years ago a peer had asked him what religion he followed to which he replied 'nothing'. This other guy had told him to become a follower of Satan because he would give him whatever he wanted. He thought this would be great because nobody had ever cared enough about him to share their faith with him and only saw him as the child who stayed in trouble. So for years he followed these lies until this night that Jesus saved him. He was so excited about the change that had taken place in him and the changes he was making. It was obvious by listening to this young man that he had been completely changed by Jesus. As I shared with him and gave him a copy of the Gospel of John and a devotional I asked him the following question- "Now that Jesus has saved you what are you going to do?" His reply was quite simple but so inspiring- "I'm going to tell all my friends. If Jesus can change me then He can change anyone!" The blood of Jesus can change anyone. We must remember this. We must not give up on people and listen to the lie that there is no hope for them. If we've been saved by Jesus, then we need to truly show it so that there is never a question to whether or not we are a Christian.

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