Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whew, that felt good!

This morning I had the incredible opportunity to lead worship at Christ Legacy Academy's chapel. Nineteen students along with teachers, parents, and some board members gathered for their weekly chapel meeting. During this time students shared what they are currently learning, some quoted scripture passages, an essay was read, etc. Also during this chapel our associate pastor Jason spoke to the students about prayer.

I've been leading worship for over two years now, mainly at youth services but other settings every so often. As always it was a great time where I enjoy using the gifts that God has given me. We sang three songs and at the end of the last song "How Great is Our God" a 1st grade student made the statement out loud "Whew, that felt good!" I laughed and responded "It sure did". It's been a neat thing to think and laugh about all day but the more I think about this moment I've been a bit bothered. Definitely not by the fact that this young girl professed out loud her emotion because I'm very proud of her for that, but that I didn't necessarily feel the same way. Of course I agree with the lyrics and love singing as I have numerous times, but I wasn't overcome with that excitement that she felt about praising our wonderful God. The thing is that I don't worship freely most of the time. I admit it. I fall into the sin of worrying about what others are thinking about me while I'm playing/singing and I miss out on the opportunity to worship like I should. I worry about whether or not I'm going to play the right chords, or sing the right lyrics, or even sing in the right key (which I probably don't anyway). Don't get me wrong, I love to play guitar and worship, but for some reason I hold back. And for some reason I feel like posting this today. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe so you can pray that I will worship freely like I should. Maybe so you can examine yourself to see if you do the same. Anyway I realize today even more how I want and need to take advantage of the freedom I have to worship freely in this country and how I can approach the throne of God freely because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. I want every time I sing praises to God to be able to say at the end- "Whew, that felt good!"

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