Monday, September 21, 2009

When God Has Been Revealed

I concluded the Reveal series this past week by taking a look at a time when God was revealed to Moses and the events surrounding. First, have you ever been singing a song to find out you've been singing the wrong lyrics? Have you ever been doing something to learn you've been doing it wrong? What is your reaction when this happens? Sometimes its quite funny when we've been singing the wrong lyrics. However when we learn new information, no matter what it is, our way of thinking or even acting changes. If you learn the correct song lyrics then you shouldn't continue to sing the wrong lyrics. It should be the same with God. When we have an encounter with God, then our way of thinking and acting should change.

If you look at Exodus chapters 31-33 we see a time when Moses went up Mt. Sinai for the 1st time for 40 days and receives the 10 commandments. While up there the Israelites freak out (which they were good at) and start worshipping the golden calf they created. Moses reacts with just a little bit of rage and then after God says he wants to completely destroy the Israelite nation and start over with only Moses, then Moses intercedes on their behalf. During the next little bit of chapters 33 and 34 we read about an incredible encounter between Moses and God. God revealed Himself to Moses and here are the 3 main points we looked at surrounding this encounter.

1) Moses allowed God to reveal Himself and even asked for Him to- Exodus 33:18
-We have to make ourselves available to God. If we come to church each week unwilling to listen, then we are not making ourselves available to God. We can even do this while reading our Bible daily and being involved in spiritual activities. If we do it out of habit or an ulterior motive, then we don't give God the chance to speak to us. Consider all you do during the week including spiritual activities. Do the amount of time invested in these add up to more than the amount of quality time you spend with God?

After this Moses goes up Mt. Sinai a second time for 40 days. During this time he writes on the 2nd set of stone tablets the words of the covenant and the 10 Commandments. Also during this time God renews His covenant with Moses and the Israelites.

2) When God revealed Himself to Moses- Moses did what God commanded Him to do- Exodus 34:32
-When God tells you to do something- do it! When God tells you to not do something- don't do it! That's pretty easy to understand but we don't always follow this because we want to be in control and don't like to give control to God.

3) Moses was changed because of his encounter with God- Exodus 34:29-30
-Moses was changed because of His encounter with God and it was obvious. His face was shining. Not only that but there was a change inside of Moses. When we spend time with God and He reveals Himself to us, we're changed- we're not the same. We change our way of thinking and acting. People should see a difference in you when you've been with God.

Ask yourself this- Can people see a difference in me because of my relationship with God? I'm not meaning do people know that you go to church, because you can go to church all day long and not be changed if you don't allow yourself to be. Are you allowing God to transform you? I love Max Lucado's quote- "God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus." I challenge you to allow God to change you.

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