Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This past weekend was an even that was over 1 1/2 years in the making. As part of my calling into full time ministry, God also placed a burden on my heart for the area we live in. It's easy for us to go do ministry somewhere far away, but when we think about doing mission work here at little bitty Athens, then it's another thing. Why is that? People are hurting and lost even here in the midst of the "Bible Belt". Anyway God placed a vision along with the burden to do a mission camp here in Athens called "Younite". After many many hours of planning, praying, working, etc. we had the camp and let me tell you it was incredible. It was awesome to see our students humbling themselves to serve others. Not only did we serve others but there was something great that took place within out own group. It was by far the smoothest even we've ever had and God really did a great work in our students through serving, Bible study, and incredible messages delivered each night. Over the next week or so I hope to lay out a bit of what each day looked like with details about Bible study, etc. But for today I want to show everyone the video that we showed to the church this past Sunday. As I told the church, it's hard to wrap up 72 hours of missions, Bible study, worship, and fellowship into 3 1/2 minutes but here is the best attempt at it. Enjoy!

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