Friday, August 21, 2009

Younite Bible Study- Day 3

Day 3- Unity With God

What are your thoughts when you read today’s title? If you are a Christian then maybe you think about the moment you were saved and how there was no longer a barrier between you and God. Maybe you think of how when some day you pass on from this life and are united with God in Heaven. These are both great responses but consider the following question. Does your life reflect that you are united with God. Take a moment and read Matthew 12:30. This verse tells us that if we are not with God then we are against Him. In other words if we don’t live for God, then we are His enemy.

Begin by praying, praising God for who He is and thanking Him for blessing you. Then ask Him to speak to you through this time of Bible study. Finally ask Him to speak to you while you are on your ministry site today. Ask Him to stretch you spiritually and give you opportunities to share the love of Jesus with others.

Read Romans 6:1-7

Seriously think about the following questions:

-Has there been a moment in my life when I became a Christian by accepting Jesus as my savior?

-If so then is my life truly reflecting that I have been changed by Jesus?

-Am I living my life for myself or truly for God?

-Are you truly in love with God, or just the “stuff” that He provide you?

If you are reading this and realize that you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, then please get with an adult right now and talk to them about becoming a Christian.

If you are reading this and know that you are truly saved, but have not been living your life totally for God, then repent and change. Lean on God and allow Him to take control of your life. If you need to pray with an adult or if you have any questions, then don’t hesitate at this point to get with someone.

Close this time by praying that God will draw you closer to Him. Thank God for seeking after you even when you may be running from Him. Ask Him to remove any barriers that will hinder you from being united with Him and being able to experience the relationship with Him that He desires to have with you.

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