Friday, August 21, 2009

Younite Bible Study- Day 2

Day 2- Unity Within the Church

When you hear the word church, what all comes to mind? A group of believers? A building? Clearwater? Do you think of a group of people with the same purpose in mind- that is to reach the lost? If not then it’s pretty saddening. The purpose of the church is not to be a club or anything like that, but to be a group of believers united with the purpose of reaching out to others and sharing Jesus with the lost! That should be the main purpose and is the example of the church that can be read about in the book of Acts. If the church (not any specific one but the Christian church) is going to set out to reach the lost, then we must become united. As anything you try to accomplish in life, it’s always easier when you have others helping you and you don’t try to do it alone.

Begin by praying, praising God for who He is and thanking Him for blessing you. Then ask Him to speak to you through this time of Bible study. Finally ask Him to speak to you while you are on your ministry site today. Ask Him to stretch you spiritually and give you opportunities to share the love of Jesus with others.

Read Exodus 4:13-17, 27-31

God used both Moses and Aaron to accomplish His plans. He could have done His work without either of them, but He chose to let both of them play a part in a much bigger picture. The same goes for us. God can still accomplish His plan without us, but He chooses us to be a part of it. That should make you excited knowing that God wants to use you, even though you are a sinner because that’s how much He loves you and how much potential He sees in you.

Ask yourself the following questions: What is your purpose in being involved in church? Does your purpose match what was described above as being the church’s purpose? If not then why? If your purpose does not match the church’s, then stop right now and ask God to change your heart so that it will.

Here is something else to consider. It was mentioned yesterday about the possible large amount of lost people in McMinn County but consider this. Billy Graham has made the statement that he believes that 85% of the church is lost. Now there is no way any human can know for sure, but this is startling to say the least. Does it burden you that maybe a huge hindrance in unity within the church is that many be lost when they think they are saved?

Close this time by praying for unity within the Christian church. Pray that the church will not allow Satan to be a hindrance in any way. Also pray that you will not be a hindrance in the church in any way.

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