Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reveal- Seeking to Know Him

I know in my last post I said I would break down some of the Bible study and messages we heard from Younite and I so I promise I will post that all soon. Last night I began a short series called "Reveal". Last fall the first series I did was called "Glory Revealed" based on the book by David Nasser and we covered how God's glory is revealed through scripture. While the Bible is one of the main ways that God reveals Himself and His glory to us, we are going to look at other ways that God reveals Himself to us.

The word reveal is defined as to make previously unknown information known; whether it is God Himself and your relationship with Him, direction from Him, something regarding relationships, career/job, ministry calling, school, what you should do in a certain situation, etc. What we looked at last night was that in order for God to reveal Himself to us, we must know Him and seek to know Him. Would you reveal something to someone you don't know? Of course not and so how can God reveal things to us when we don't truly know Him?

We first looked at James 2:19 that tells us You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror. To know that there is only one God, and to know about God isn't good enough. The demons know about God, and they tremble in fear because they know about Him, but that doesn't save them. God doesn't just want you to have good theology; He wants you to truly know and love Him.

So my main question for the students to consider is this- "Do you know God or just know about Him?"

I did the following comparison between people who know God and people who only know about God

-Someone who knows God has daily conversations with God and desires to talk with Him and hear from Him. Someone who only knows about God rarely talks to Him, and only gives Him a few minutes in prayer when it's convenient or if they need to pray petitionary prayers asking for things
-Someone who knows God is drawn to God and wants to grow closer to Him and comes to church because it is a privilege. Someone who only knows about God is not drawn to Him and maybe only comes to church to socialize or because they are made to or simply out of habit because they think they have to.
-Someone who knows God wants to spend more time in God's Word. Someone who only knows about God doesn't read their Bible much and probably has very little contact with a Bible.
-Someone who knows God realizes that they can't do anything on their own without God- John 15:5. Someone who only knows about God tries doing things on their own without God. They also ask questions like "Can I still do ______ and still go to Heaven?" because they are more concerned with going to Heaven than developing a loving relationship with Jesus.
-Someone who knows God is obedient to God because of their love for Him- 1 John 2:3-6. Someone who only knows God is only obedient when convenient or because they feel guilty.

We are about to see God do some huge things at Clearwater Baptist Church, and in Athens, TN. My desire is to see a massive revival of Christians take place all over the world like we've never seen. But unless you really know God, then you are going to miss out. It's my fear that many people in the world are playing the Christian game, when they really don't know Jesus. I don't say all of this to sound judgmental, but say it out of burden and fear because I don't want to get to Heaven and people not be there because they never really got it right and continued to play games their whole life. For God to reveal _____ to you- you have to really know Him.

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