Thursday, July 16, 2009

Faith For the Future

Last night we continued out Centrifuge follow up with the MOVE theme and let me tell you it was an incredible night where God really showed up.  It as awesome having an almost full band again and there were several times during the song "Hosanna" by Brenton Brown where I just had to step away from the microphone and worship solely by playing guitar and letting the words rush over me like a gentle breeze.  I was telling Belinda afterward that I truthfully was just so overwhelmed during the song that I needed to break down and cry.  The lyrics "You are the God who saves us, worthy of all our praises" just hit me at a different level this time.

We started off the message by talking a few minutes about the characteristics of Play-Doh.  Play-Doh is really something cool, but why does it smell so good?  I've always wondered that myself.  We talked about how Play-Doh can be made into anything you want, unless it is exposed to too much air.  It then becomes hard, may crack or even break, and is no longer able to be used for its intended purpose.  We as Christians must be like Play-Doh.  We must be able to be molded by God, and have a teachable spirit.  We must be teachable in order to be prepared for God's work.  A great example of this in the Bible is the relationship between Moses and Joshua.  Joshua was teachable as Moses invested into him.  If Joshua wasn't teachable, he wouldn't have been prepared to be the leader that God called him to be.

We looked at the following scriptures and discussed them:
Exodus 24:12-14-  Moses didn't take Aaron or the elders, instead he took Joshua because Moses was pouring into Joshua and teaching him
Deuteronomy 31:1-8-  Moses instructs and encourages Joshua to be strong and courageous.  Verse 8 Moses tells Joshua that even though Joshua is the human leader, that the Lord Himself is the real leader and power.  Maybe he told Joshua this to be sure that Joshua didn't become arrogant in his new position.
Deuteronomy 31:14-23-  Moses has Joshua come to the tent of meeting where The Lord appears in a pillar of cloud and speaks to Moses telling him that he is about to die and that the Israelites will end up turning their back on God.  How sad is this after all that God had done for the Israelites, He knows that they are going to still turn their backs on Him.  Then Moses writes the song that God gives Him to teach the sons of Israel and then he commissions Joshua.

Now think about this, what if Joshua had not been teachable during all this time when Moses was pouring himself into Joshua and teaching him.  When he was being commissioned to be the next leader he wouldn't have been ready to be leader, and he probably would have been flipping out.  Its just like if someone went skydiving and was about to jump out of the plane and realized they didn't listen to the instructor before.  They would be flipping out because they hadn't been teachable and didn't learn what they needed to do.

I want you to think about these questions that we closed the night with:
-Are you teachable?
-We are to give God out best and being teachable is a way to do that.
-Just like too much exposure to air ruins Play-Doh and makes it non-moldable, when we are exposed to things we shouldn't be, we are not 
  as moldable and teachable
-Are you allowing godly people to invest in you, challenge you, and mold you?
-Are you allowing God to mold you?
-Are you able to teach/mold others?
-If not then why?
-If so then are you?

Allow yourselves to be teachable by God and godly people, preparing you for the work He has for you.  Please don't ever get to that point where you don't believe you can be taught.  If you do, it's at that point that you decide you can do things on your own without God, which is definitely impossible.

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