Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 Centrifuge

It's midnight and I think I'm settling down for the first day of our Centrifuge camp at Ridgecrest.  Everything has been great so far.  The drive over was smooth and we had a good time meeting up with a fellow youth pastor for lunch.  My favorite line from the van trip was during a conversation between 2 students about the Beatles and one said "I only like their good songs".  I thought that was classic!

The first day is always pretty crazy, settling in rooms, getting room assignments, schedules, etc.  They definitely have a nice setup here at Ridgecrest and the only 2 things I can whine about is that the air conditioner just blows cool air if you can call it that, when us guys want freezing cold air, but we will survive.  There is also no coke/pepsi products in the cafeteria, only tea and juice.  Again I will survive but wanted to point that out and whine.

Now onto the worship.  It began with a video with a guy talking about the theme "Move" and they really did a great job with it because it got me pumped.  I hope to find it online b/c I would love to watch it again.  Big Daddy Weave came out with an explosion of confetti that showered the crowd which was cool, got everyone excited, but then it was down to business.  The first song I had never heard before but it had lyrics like "I'm Free" and talked about God's mercy, grace, etc.  Then pastor Tony Merida came out.  If you don't know anything about Tony I encourage you to look him up and download his sermons.  As he stepped out on stage and the first words came out of his mouth it was like a breath of fresh air being breathed over me personally.  I don't say this to praise Tony, but to praise God for speaking through him.  Again I wish I could listen to his short sermon (about 15 minutes) again just to re-process what he said.  He talked about the theme  "Move" and how we will be studying the book of Exodus this week, which I love!

I know that this is going to be a great week.  I keep saying it because I believe it.  It's so exciting to be here after so many months of hard work, raising funds, planning, completing paperwork, and all the prayer and preparation for leading devotions for the group.  I know that God led us here for a purpose, and that purpose is that we will return to Athens different people.  My desire is for us to re-charged, united, rejuvenated, and develop a deeper passion and desire for our Savior.  I already feel a little re-charged myself after this first night of worship and am praying for more.  I know I've said this before but I believe it's appropriate as the time is near when I use the line from Hillsong United's song Hosanna...."I see a near revival...."

Please pray with me that we see this revival take place this week and bring it back to Clearwater.

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