Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Centrifuge Day 2

We're now in full swing with our first full day and boy was it ever full.  We started the morning with AM Show worship and then headed to our recreation times, then Bible study.  The recreation time consisted of team activities with their Bible study groups.  

Our Bible study today was based out of Exodus 3 and 4 where God speaks to Moses through the burning bush and then the part afterward where Moses whines with all his excuses (just like we all do).  The main point of the Bible study was how we have to let go of whatever we are holding on to in order to follow God's will.  This may be fear, our own plans or whatever but we must let go of it like Moses did in order for God to use us the way He wants to.

After lunch the students went to their track times where they did numerous activities such as World Religions, Mini Golf, and about 30 others.  The one I'm interested in hearing more about is from our students in the Duct Tape Art track.

Worship was incredible.  Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave made the comment in the morning time how "Worship is not a spectator sport" meaning we are to engage in worship and not just sit there.  Evening worship was great and led into Tony Merida's sermon on Isaiah 6:1-8.  Tony ended the sermon telling a story about a missionary who devoted his life to God and when he passed away they buried his heart in the county he served in before taking his body to his home country to be buried.  They did this because that was where his heart was.  He ended with the question for us all- "Where would they bury your heart?"  Definitely a question to ponder.

Church group devotion time went great.  We had a great time as God poured His Spirit on the group.  Definitely some good things taking place, just as God promised.  Would love to post more details about the entire day but it's after 1 am and I would like to get more than 4 hours sleep.  I will also post some pictures when I get a better internet connection.

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