Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't Steal From Your Parents

Ok, the title is a bit different and your obvious first thought is "well yeah you shouldn't steal from your parents".  We began a series call "YouPick" where the students submit ideas on things they want me to cover on Wednesday nights for the next month.  When compiling the list of ideas submitted, for some reason Proverbs 28 stuck out at me even before I started looking into it.  Of course if I preached on the entire chapter we would have been there for a couple days.  When I read it I felt that God made verse 24 leap out at me and knew that was what I was supposed to speak about.  Before reading the verse I asked the students to quietly think about their relationship with their parents, step-parents, grand-parents, adopted parents, guardian, etc.

The first thing I pointed out is that nobody likes to be compared to a murderer because we think that murderers are the worst people ever.  Because in our society today we categorize sins when in actuality murdering someone is the same as saying you hate someone, and is the same as driving over the speed limit, and is the same as cheating on a test, and is the same as lusting over a guy/girl, and is the same as dishonoring your parents.

There are two ways to look at the part of "stealing from your parents" and the first is the obvious one: actually stealing items/money from your parents.  Some would never think of doing such, while others might not think twice.  But taking it a step further, when a child mooches off their parents, then I believe it's the same as stealing.  If a child expects that their parent is to give them gas money, a cell phone, iPod, etc. just because they're supposed to, then in my mind that's stealing.  I challenged the students to not expect their parents to give them things, but to appreciate them when they do.

The second way we looked at stealing is when a child steals their parents joy.  A child takes away the parents joy of being a parent when the child disrespects, talks back, dishonors, doesn't do what they are told, or does do what they are told not to do.  This is a way that a child can steal from their parents.

Exodus 20:12 tells us to obey our parents.  If we disobey our parents, then we are ignoring the law.

Proverbs 28:9 says that if we ignore the law then God detests our prayers.  This is something we should all avoid.

John 14:15 says that if we actually love God then we will keep His commandments, which means we will obey our parents.  We we disobey our parents, it means that something took the place of our love for them, and for God.

So as we ended the night I had the students take a moment to pray and see what God may be speaking to them about in regards to their relationship with their parents.  I told them that if they aren't honoring their parents, then maybe they need to go home and apologize and admit where they have been wrong.  Maybe they need to go home and thank their parents for what they do for them.  I closed by telling the students that if they really want to honor their parents then they need to start praying for them if they don't already.

So thats how the first night of the "YouPick" series went.  If you're a teen and reading this then I hope you will really think about your relationship with your parents.  If you are a parent then I want to thank you for all that you do and want you to know that I went to bat for you last night.

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