Monday, April 20, 2009

Surviving the Famine and Gaining Appreciation

Well we had the 30 Hour Famine this weekend and survived, and are all better for it.  Not eating for 30 hours, combined with a spectacular concert, helping with the Special Olympics, doing Bible study, and sleeping in a cardboard box is draining to say the least.  I'm so proud of the students involved.  We had close to 30 students who fasted along with several adults.  The students raised over $1300 nearly feeding 4 children for an entire year.  But along with helping to save children's lives, we gained a greater appreciation for what we have.  We eat wonderful food and sleep in our comfortable beds without thinking twice and sometimes act as if we deserve it.  I know now that I will be more grateful for each meal I eat, and for each night of sleep in my bed.  It really hit me when we were having our final devotion of the weekend before we took communion and ate.  The students took a moment to share what they gained from the experience.  I then talked about how much more love I have for Depi who is the little girl that Belinda and I sponsor through Compassion International.  It breaks my heart that such a beautiful young girl might not have enough food to eat and less than adequate housing.  I can't say enough of how proud of our students I am.  I told them in the beginning that the #1 rule is "No Whining or Complaining" which they followed.  There was no complaining and I am very proud of them.

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