Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Night!

Last night our Wednesday Night Worship service was totally backwards.  We really did the things the opposite way last night.  We began with a short devotional then we went over to have worship with the Awana children and the youth band played.  A couple students spoke and they did an excellent job and I'm very proud of them.  We did some upbeat exciting song and did a couple of heartfelt serious ones as well.  It was great to hear the children and youth together singing their hearts our for the Lord!  It was refreshing for me, and even got me emotional a couple times as well.

But before went over to be a part of Awana, we looked at Psalm 40:1-5 which has become a favorite as of late.  Of course when I read this I want to sing the song 40 by U2, or the Starfield version at least.  I wanted to take the night to simply encourage everyone because we all need encouragement from time to time.  I told the students that no matter what they may be going through at school, home, with friends, family, etc. to wait patiently for the Lord and cry out to Him because he hears our cries.  He pulls us out of whatever junk we may be dealing with, sets us on solid ground, then helps walk after that.  He doesn't set our feet on solid ground and pat us on the back and tell us to go on.  No, he helps us walk.  He's by our side, day after day, wanting to love on us if we will allow Him to.  I love what it says in verse 5.  In a nutshell it says that if we were to start listing out all the blessings from God then we would never finish.  It may be hard to see things in that light when we are suffering or going through a tough time, but every second is a blessing from God.  Not only the fact that we are alive and breathing, but that God loves us so much we can't fathom it.  If you're reading this and are struggling then I want to encourage you to hold on, cry out to God, and allow Him to wrap His loving arms around you and hold you tightly.

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