Friday, March 6, 2009

Summer Camp

One of the things that God started stirring in my heart before I was even voted on at Clearwater is our summer camp options.  I knew that we were about to go to M-Fuge for the 5 year in a row and for some reason felt that God was leading us to change.  I don't know about you but I LOVE change and have even told the students that the word "tradition" is a cuss word.  I don't just love any change, but when God leads us to do something differently in order to bring Him glory.  Well along with my conviction of going to a different camp, I also felt the need to bring it home.  I used the scripture in Acts 1:8 to announce that along with the change of us going to Centrifuge this summer, we will also do a mission based camp here in Athens.  I believe that as Christians we need to have a global vision of reaching the world, but I want the students to also learn that we have to focus on our Jerusalem which is Athens.

Please pray for the details of this camp that will take place July 30, 31, and August 1.  Pray that God will grant me wisdom in details as I plan and that we will see lives changed.  Pray for me today as I will spend the majority of my day alone in solitude to seek God's will and make some decisions about the camp.

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