Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been too long...

I can't believe I have let it go over a week since my last post.  It's crazy b/c I've had several thoughts that I wanted to talk about but I haven't had the time to post.  Anyway I want to catch anyone up on some of the past week.  The Wednesday before last (3/11/09) we wrapped up our "Sweet Relationships" series.  I took a moment to recap a few things and then our very own Malee Johnson gave her testimony.  She spoke about how God has called her to not date right now.  Something that most teenagers would either refuse to accept if they thought God was leading them to, or maybe laugh it off.  I believe however that most people will take Malee's testimony differently because of the sincerity behind it.  She shared how God called her out to seek His love and a closer relationship with Him before seeking that with a guy.  This is huge!  This is such a rare thing.  This is walking the opposite way from what the world tells us to.  I love it!  These are the moments that make being a youth pastor so worth while!  I love to hear the students sharing about what God is doing in their life and living it out as well.  I wrapped up the night by saying that God may not necessarily be leading everyone to date but that I encourage them to look at their relationships and see if God is the center.  If not then it needs to end!

Belinda and I took the next few days off and went to Asheville.  While there we caught up with some good friends, went to the Biltmore, and ate some awesome crab legs!  I promise to post more over the next few days, especially about our WNW service last night (3/18/09) and what God is up to in our youth ministry.  I'll leave you with these pictures from the Biltmore.  I wanted to have Belinda take a picture of me acting like I was wrestling one of these lions but everyone seemed too serious and I was afraid we would get kicked out.

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