Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Really Matters- Part 1

It seems that in my life God reminds me of the same themes over and over.  One of those themes that has been brought to my attention lately is "what really matters".  Not only has God brought this to my attention but it seems that He has me speak these thoughts to the youth whenever applicable.  

What do I mean by "what really matters".  Well its pretty simple- are our priorities the way that they should be?  Are we keeping our relationship with God first in our lives?  Am I keeping my relationship with God first in my life?  About 3 years ago Belinda shared with me a bit of an interview she heard on the radio with one of the members of Mercy Me.  He stated that priorities must be like this: "First your relationship with God, then family, then ministry/job."  He said that many times we confuse our ministry with our relationship with God.  We believe that when we are busy doing things for God that it means we are spiritually healthy.  This can be the furthest thing from the truth.  We can be busy serving God in activities, but totally missing Him.

For a while now God has been saying to me the phrase "less is more".  I've been trying to really seek what God would have me to do in this youth ministry (both sermons and activities).  I believe that God is leading us to a time to discover what really matters.  Busyness does NOT equal spiritual life.  We must understand this.  I must understand that I have to seek God's will in everything I do because that is what really matters.

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