Thursday, February 12, 2009


The word "revival" may stir up many thoughts in our minds.  One for me is the never ending preaching that would go on when I was a child for several days.  Too many times I think that we hear the word revival and think that it is an unattainable thing for our churches, communities, and homes.  I looked up some definitions of the word and found the following:  an improvement in the condition or strength of something; a reawakening of religious fervor.  

A lot of times we say or hear people saying how we need to be "praying for revival".  I even have this permanently printed on our student's weekly newsletter.  I've been telling them for nearly a year that if as students they would personally get on fire for Jesus then it would be a contagious matter that would spread to their families, friends, schools, communities, etc.  I stand firm in believing this.  But what hit me when I was driving in to work today is how this should not only be something that we realize we need, we must realize that this is a total necessity.  That statement might not even make sense but I'm going to try to explain what I mean.

As Christians, we must come to the realization that revival is necessary for life.  We must see revival take place or we are on the verge of losing the world for good.  But what I also realized today is that, that I...Nathan Eaton...needs personal revival.  I should not only pray for revival in our youth ministry, church, etc.  But I need to be praying for God to give me personal revival.  I also must believe when I pray for these things.  I can't pray for something and not expect for it to happen, or think that it is an unattainable dream.  When we do that we are putting God in a box, which happens way too much already.  So join with me and let's pray not only for revival in our church, etc., but for personal revival.  That is what must happen before we see the great works that God wants to do through us.

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