Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finding Your Soul Mate

We started a new series this week titled "Sweet Relationships" and the first installment last night was about "Finding Your Soul Mate".  I've been dreaming of a way to incorporate Napoleon Dynamite in a sermon and I'm going to be able to with this series.  I talked with the students about some famous couples, you know like Fred & Wilma Flinstone, Superman & Lois Lane, and of course Kip & Lafawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite.  In one scene of the movie, Kip tells Napoleon that he is "almost 100% positive that she's his soul mate", then of course does the ever so wonderful "Peace Out".  Since the DVD didn't stay paused long enough for me to show the clip I had to do the "Peace Out" myself which was probably one of the highlights of the night.

We talked about the world's definition of a soul mate, and then looked at some examples in the Bible such as Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 24 and then Jacob and Rachel in Genesis 29:18-20.  We then talked a little about how one should go about dating and then qualification for a soul mate.

When talking about dating, I shared one of my famous quotes (well maybe not famous, but it seems that I say it a lot) "Don't date someone you wouldn't marry", or as my youth pastor would say "Pick a date who would make a good mate".  I told the students that if they have no intention of marrying the person then they should not date them.  Also if they are dating and realize that it isn't who they are going to marry, then they need to end it.  I also talked about how dating and breaking up is like practicing marriage and divorce.  If you date and break up a lot then you're more likely to become that statistic of divorce when you get mad and decide you want out.

We also talked about qualifications for a soul mate and the first thing I mentioned is that you should be picky.  Doesn't mean you need to be unreasonable, but being picky in this case isn't a bad thing.  Then Belinda and I shared with the students the things that drew us together, such as our relationship with Christ.  I then shared that you can't be soul mates with a person who hasn't given their soul to Jesus and that there is no such thing as a soul mate until Jesus is your soul mate b/c he is the only one who can complete.  I told the students that I love Belinda with all my heart, but she's not my savior.  I don't say that to degrade her in any way, but to respect her and respect God.  God is the only person who can save me.

I closed with these thoughts.  I told the students that I know it may seem impossible to find someone and that they might worry about feeling lonely.  The thing is there is a huge difference in being alone and feeling lonely.  There are married people who feel lonely, but no one is ever alone b/c God is right there beside us.  You may say you just want to tell someone about your day, someone to cry with, and laugh with.  The thing is God wants you to tell Him about your day.  He wants to you to share what you're dealing with.  He cries when you cry, He laughs when you laugh, He celebrates when you celebrate.  He is right there when you wake up in the morning, when you go to bed, and all other times of the day and night.  God genuinely wants to be a part of your life.  So instead of looking for the perfect person to fulfill your life, seek God because He is the only person who can complete you!

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