Thursday, January 29, 2009

Road Trip Pt. 3 Roadblocks

As we continue our "Road Trip" series, I wanted to point out that as Christians we should understand that along the journey there will be setbacks or "roadblocks".  This week we looked at the story of Joseph in Genesis 37 and 39.  I won't summarize this for you because you may already know the story, if not then take a look at these scriptures.  But we see that Joseph was going right along in life and he ran into some roadblocks or setbacks (slavery, prison, etc.).  As we look at the life of Joseph, here are some things we as Christians should consider:
-Roadblocks will happen
- 1 Peter 4:12 tells us not to be surprised when we suffer.  
-Be Glad
- 1 Peter 4:13 tells us to be glad because God is at work and His 
  glory will be revealed.  Now seriously, when was the last time 
  you were like "Yes, I had a horrible day today!"  It's not likely to 
  come out of your mouth but we can be glad and rejoice when God 
  is at work.
-Don't try to manipulate your future
- Joseph wanted out of his situation and rightfully so, that is why 
  he pleaded with Pharaoh's cupbearer to remember him.  But we 
  must realize that God's timing is perfect and our time is far from 
  perfect.  We want things now and so when we try to push God's 
  timetable forward, we just become frustrated.
- Live by faith, not by sight
- We hear this so many times, but what does it mean?  Well it tells 
  us in Genesis 39:2 and 39:21 that God was with Joseph.  We also 
  hear numerous times in the Bible such as in Deuteronomy 
  31:6 that God will never leave us.  Be encouraged because God is 
  by our side and will never leave us!
- Growth will occur...If you let it
- James 1:2-3 tells us that when our faith is tested we have the 
  opportunity to grow.  I like to make jokes about Wikipedia b/c 
  Michael Scott of "The Office" uses it so much.  But Wikipedia tells 
  us that a roadblock is temporary.  When we face trials, we must 
  move past it and see it as a time for growth.  When a seed is 
  planted, it must break open first in order to grow.  We too must 
  be broken before spiritual growth can occur.

In one of my favorite movies "Facing the Giants" when the team is so close to winning the state championship game, the team captain Brock comes to the coach and tells him that he's tired and can't go on anymore.  The coach proceeds to tell him that he needs him in there just a little bit longer.  So Brock goes back in the game, pulls all the strength he can and helps the team win the game.  When you face trials in life, and you may be going through one right now, know that God doesn't want you to give up and come out of the game.  He wants you to hang in there, pull all the strength you can and keep on going.  Know that God is right beside you cheering you on and will never leave you.  Take these opportunities to see how God wants you to grow.

And here is the Road Trip Part 3 Video

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