Monday, January 12, 2009

Divine Appointments and God's Provision

I know that we hear a lot sometimes about "Divine Appointments" and "God's Provision", but I feel the need to share with how these have related to my life lately as I believe we need to always share with one another what God has been doing in our lives (that was a long intro sentence).  I believe we all experience times when God is leading or has lead us to talk with someone for whatever reason, to encourage them, share Christ with them, etc.  However there are also times when we are on the receiving end.  There are times when we have an encounter with someone and afterward our lives are changed forever...for the better.  I am blessed to have a few of these times in my life and cherish each one.

That's what I experienced this weekend, well sort of...It actually all started back in October.  I happened to go to a concert where initially I was going to go another one the same day.  At this concert was a man named Jason Gray.  While he was on stage I knew that God was telling me that he would come to Clearwater someday.  Well after the concert a few of the students went to him and asked when he would come to our church and so the talks began and after a few months of emailing details, Jason arrived Saturday along with his wife to do a concert.  Now I'm not trying to promote Jason, but if you don't own every one of his cd's and t-shirts then you need to go to his website and buy multiples of each :)  I do however want to express the gratitude for this experience and share a little bit of how I've been blessed.  

I feel like I can be hard on criticizing some in the Christian music industry, especially when I don't know them on a personal level.  Sometimes I get irritated that our local stations will play some songs over and over by the same "popular" artist when the lyrics are either watered down or they say the same thing over and over (which I call "lyric filling" and say that it's b/c they can't write anything else clever).  Jason's music is so different and both.  Jason and Taya are some of the most humble people I've met.  I can't put into words how much they blessed me this weekend through music, through sharing of scripture, testimonies, and just general conversation.  It's encounters like this where you walk away not only blessed, but inspired to be a better person.

Again, I'm not trying to just promote Jason, but am trying to faintly express how I'm filled with God's overwhelming grace and love today.  I didn't deserve to have this experience b/c in my human form I can be a worthless loser, not even a "lovely loser" sometimes.  But because of God's indescribable love for me He has blessed me with such an experience, and because of that I am changed and am grateful.  If anyone happens to stumble across this and read it, then I encourage you to think about the times when God has overwhelmed you with His blessings.  And if you think he hasn't, then begin by considering that breath you just took.

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