Friday, December 19, 2008

What are you pointing to?

This past Wednesday I completed a 7 part series titled "Glory Revealed" based on the book by David Nasser.  This week's sermon was title "Glory Revealed through Arrows".  Now at first thought it may seem weird after looking at what the Bible has to say about His love, friendships, prophecy, etc. but arrows.  Seems odd but I promise it is Biblical

The main scripture used was Isaiah 40:3-5.  This passage tells us that we are to "prepare the way of the Lord."  We are to be arrows that point people to God.  I made three points that we need to think about as we are all arrows.

1)  Worship the Target and Not the Arrow- I'm not talking about an actual target or the store, but we are to worship God Himself.  It's easy sometimes to get so distracted by the messenger that we miss the message altogether.  John the Baptist was one of the greatest arrows in the Bible.  He prepared the way for Jesus.  In John 1:6-8 and Luke 7:28 it tells us that as great as he was, he still wasn't the target, just a great arrow pointing to the truth.

2)  Be a Real Arrow-  We all the difference in a real arrow used for hunting and a toy arrow.  In Matthew 23:27 Jesus calls out the Pharisees for having the appearance that they live great lives, but on the inside their hearts were corrupt.  How horrible would have been to be one of these that were called out by Jesus.  However in reality we (myself included) are all like the Pharisees too many times.  We should strive to be real in our faith and not hypocritical.

3)  Be the Right Arrow- Whether or not we want to admit it, we are pointing people to something.  We are either pointing them toward God or away from Him.  Romans 14:21 warns us to not cause our brother to stumble.  We can not take lightly the chance of leading someone astray.

In closing we read in Philippians 2:7-8 that Jesus gave up his own reputation to lead people to God.  If he did, then we should even more so.  So take some time today to think about what you are pointing people to.

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