Saturday, November 8, 2008

Watered Down Jesus

As I research and think about ways to be more effective in ministry, one thing cannot be ignored and that is teaching the Bible. One thing that I am afraid that is taking place more and more today though is teaching thoughts and ideas that seem great, but may not be Biblically sound or what we may be known as "watering down Jesus".

An example of this is from a recent concert that I attended that consisted of several music groups and a speaker. There was one group that led some actual worship, but until the last group performed I don't even think I heard anyone mention the name Jesus. Now I could have missed it somewhere but I think over 4 hours I surely would have heard it before. I know that the gospel was presented and that at least one person was saved (which I know makes it all worth it) but I still can't help but feel like something was missing from the night. The speaker talked about how heaven will be greater than anything on earth, which is definitely true, but again it was what I could call watered down. The speaker talked about how much sin is fun for a season, but never explained how sin was wrong and how sin kills, or even what the Bible stated about sin. I believe this is why so many people today just want to get their "ticket" to heaven and continue living life as if no change took place in their life.

It seems like we have forgotten the reality of sin and it's our own fault. I think we all need to step up and stop watering down the gospel, myself included. I never want to water down the gospel or leave Jesus out of any of my teachings. My desire is that God will always speak through me to challenge others as well as myself with the gospel. I believe that this is a must in order to truly educate one another and to help us each grow toward godliness.

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