Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is Thanksgiving.  I love it even though I'm not very fond of turkey (I know, a lot of people think I'm crazy).  I guess I'm weird b/c I like cranberry sauce.  This year Belinda is making buttermilk pies from my Granny's recipe.  I am excited to take some time off and spend time with my family.

As I think about all that I am thankful for, I am reminded how blessed I am.  I have a home, a loving family, great friends, a car, job I love, and there's really nothing materially that I need.  Why is it that I, and we, are always thinking we need something.  Stuff does not equal happiness.  Why can't we truly understand that Jesus is all that we need?  My theory is that we don't "want" Jesus.  You may be thinking- "What are you talking about Nathan?"  Well with my background and interest in finance, I have studied Dave Ramsey and he talks a lot on needs vs wants and the true meaning of each.  I think that whether or not we are truly submissive to the fact that we need God, that many can agree that we need Him.  I think though we don't really want God b/c we are afraid of what we will have to give up to be His disciple.  An example is that we probably all realize our need for healthy food, but we don't want to eat that on Thanksgiving.

Let's not only realize our need for God, but want Him as well.  This is one area where ministry is hard b/c I wish I could force these thoughts into people's minds.  However, each person must individually come to the realization and conviction by the Holy Spirit that God is all they need and should want more than anything.  My desire is that we would all realize how blessed we are this Thanksgiving and that our need for God is greater than anything else.

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