Friday, November 21, 2008


This past week in Sunday school, the lesson was on prophecy and warnings against false prophets.  We already had scheduled to watch "The Passion of the Christ" tonight (Friday) and so God led me to preach on "Glory Revealed through Prophecy" on Wednesday.  I've always amazed when I think about how Christ's death was prophesied about long before He was even born.  I love Isaiah 53:5 because its just so amazing that how detailed Isaiah wrote about how our Savior would some day die.  I also love how it is worded in the New Living Translation where it says, "he was pierced for our rebellion".  Each hit, punch, pull, whip, laugh, mock, etc. were all done for the rebellion in my own life.  It makes me see it in a different light and I want to focus on that tonight as I watch the re-enactment of this.

Back to prophecy though.  I spoke in my message about the chances that the prophecies written in the Bible about Christ's first coming actually being fulfilled were incredible, so incredible that it seemed it might even be impossible.  But that is the beauty of God.  Where what we see as a great improbability, God turned into reality.  This is one thing that makes me love the Bible.  I, and you, can trust God's Word to be real and true.   Not only can we trust God's Word, but also we can trust God.  This is where we see God's glory revealed.  As we trust Him and His Word, we draw closer to Him.  Now as great as this all is, I want to challenge both you and I to actually "love" the Bible.  If I "love" the Bible like I said earlier, then I need to be in it daily, reading, learning, and memorizing.  I want to be more like this.  Hold me accountable, and I will you.

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